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Imagine you make money while you sleep. Forget about Amazon FBA, Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing. This is by far the easiest way to make money online.

Just use our bot and make money on the forex market without even learning how to trade.

✅ No competition - The forex market is gigantic. The more people trade, the more money is there to be made.

✅ One time Investment - Once you buy the course you make a deposit of >1000 USD on your account and that's it.

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❓Why I'm selling it? Just because I almost can't manage even more accounts 😂

3 New Streams of Income

This course will deliver you 3 new streams of income.

Manage your own account and make money on autopilot.

Manage Accounts of other People and make money with a profit share.

Resell the bot when you run out of capacity for more accounts 🤑

100% Automated

90% of all Forex traders loose money due to emotional behavior on the market. Which is completely normal when trading with real money. This is why we have developed a completely automated system that allows you to trade on autopilot.

10-15% Monthly Profit

Our System generates a monthly return of 10-15% on the low risk settings. The bot has been tested and optimized for more than a year and is now available for a limited amount of people.

Unlimited Accounts

Once you buy the bot you can manage as many accounts as you want and make money of every account you manage.

This course is closed for enrollment.

About the Creator

Hi, My Name is Tim Hutter and I'm the creator of this course and the Co-Developer of the Bot.

After failing countless times with countless different business models I discovered a system that makes money on autopilot. I almost can't believe it. And now I'm just asking myself why the heck I have wasted 12 years of my life working as an employee 😂

Book a call with me and I'll explain you the system in detail 👍🏼

Happy Customers

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Making Money on Autopilot

Making money doesn't have to be hard. You just need to know how to do it.

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But it's super simple. I did all the heavy lifting and developed a system that generates passive income and it actually works.

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